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Dear applicant, to improve your prospects of finding a hostfamily please read the following text carefully before filling out the application form.


The questions of the utmost importance for the hostfamilies are:

  • attainability
  • your experiences with children
  • how many children should the hostfamily have
  • Which age should the children have?
  • Language Skills?
  • Do you have any preferred location for your stay?


We found out that usually hostfamilies do not wait any longer than three days for your answer, they simply choose another Au-pair. Thus it is important that you specify at least one phone number so that one can call you. Even more important is a valid email address and that you check your mailbox regularly. If you do not have an email address yet, you can also specify your friend's one.

your experiences with children:

Most hostfamilies search Au-pairs to look after their children and therefore you should answer this question very detailled. Give examples for your experience, if possible.

Which age should the children have?

Your prospects of finding a hostfamily increase when you are willing to take care of infants.

Your Language skills?

This question is essential and you should keep to the truth. Certificates of schools or universities give you a certain advantage. It is possible that the hostfamily examines your language skills on the phone. Of course they know that you are nervous on the telephone and that it is hard to have a conversation in a foreign language under these circumstances. Nevertheless is it important to for the family to get a better impression of you and your language skills.

Do you have any preferred location for your stay?

Almost every Au-pair wants to be transferred into one of the big German cities like Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne or Berlin. As a matter of fact about 50 % of the hostfamilies live in the country or in smaller towns. As a consequence it is a big advantage if you do not specify any preferred location.


Form our daily experience with hostfamilies we learned what they apparantly appreciate. For instance the like a natural nice photo on which one can recognize your face clearly.

Letter to the family

You should write the letter on your own. If your german is not good enough you should change into english.

Topics of the letter:

A short summary of your life, something that describes your character. What do you like and dislike? Your hobbies, something about your family and your culture. Your future job prospects / aims.

Please write a lot and as naturally as possible. Your letter should comprise at least one complete page.


Good luck with your application!


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