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There are 103 Au-pairs from 21 different nations represented in our gallery. Last update: 13.12.2018
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Aupair-ID: 24756
General information
Surname Elizabeth
place of birth Russland Country Information
When do you want to start to Aupair ... At the age of 18 (from 18. 07. 18)
... and how long? per year or so
Birthday 18.07.2000
Country Frolovo Country Information
religion Volgograd
Are you completely healthy? Ja
Do you allergic to something? Nein
Special eating-habbits? No. I eat everything
Do you smoke? Nein
Driving licence? Nein
Do you have a valid passport? Ja
Hobbies and special knowledges I can draw very good and get on well with choldren. I also fond of Judo, Athletics and gymnastics.
Father I have it. His name is Nikolai
age 46
occupation In my family
Mother Galina
age 43
occupation with my dad
Do you have any brother or sister: Ja
How many 1, and 2 little cusines
Age 4-10 years
Education / Other
My German is akzeptabel
My English is Gut
other languages Russian, course
education: until: secondary school. I have also additional education of hairdresser.
studies/line until: until 11 th form
vocational education until: hairdresser
profession until: trainer (as a volounteer)
Where did you learn the german Language and for how many years I have learnt it by myself for 3 years
What kind of experience do you have with children? I was a "nurse" for 3 my geschwester, and now I m working as a Judo trainer in group for kids (20 children from 5 to 10 years old)
What kind of experience of housework do you have? I can do all kind of housework and all kind of work in the garden and with pets ( my mother and father usually at work, so I do everything when I have no school lessons)
How many children should the family have maximum? 2
What kind of age by the children you prefer? Egal
Do you like animals and would you like to take care of them? Ja
Did you visit in Germany before Ja
Do you prefer a special city or town in Germany? Bremen mabye, as I have my opa there. But it s not very important.
Which motiv you have to come to Germany? I want to study german as it is very popular all over the world. Moreover, I admire the Germans and like their culture.
Do you have relations or friends in Germany / where In Bremen. There are families of my opa and uncles
wishes: I wish to find talkative and kind family with active children, and mabye with pets.

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