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There are 121 Au-pairs from 22 different nations represented in our gallery. Last update: 16.01.2018
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Aupair-ID: 24783
General information
Surname Lara Melek
place of birth Türkei Country Information
When do you want to start to Aupair ... so schnell wie es möglich ist
... and how long? 8 months
Birthday 13 Aug 1998
Country Antalya Country Information
religion not decided yet
Are you completely healthy? Ja
Do you allergic to something? Nein
Special eating-habbits? no meat preferrably
Do you smoke? Nein
Driving licence? Nein
Do you have a valid passport? Ja
Hobbies and special knowledges Playing piano and cello, listening to music and exploring new cultures, people.
Father Sermet Sengunler
age 47
occupation Sales Manager
Mother Tugba Atahan
age 44
occupation Aviation Proffessional- Quality Manager
Do you have any brother or sister: Ja
How many 1
Age 21
Education / Other
My German is akzeptabel
My English is Gut
other languages Turkish
education: until: High School completed. Accepted to music school for bachelor in Austria, starting September 2018.
studies/line until:
vocational education until:
profession until:
Where did you learn the german Language and for how many years Goethe Izmir for 3 months.
What kind of experience do you have with children? I love children and i am very good with them especially when they can express themselves.
What kind of experience of housework do you have? I am currently living alone so I can cook, clean, do the dishes and the laundry. All kinds of housework basicly.
How many children should the family have maximum? 2
What kind of age by the children you prefer? Egal
Do you like animals and would you like to take care of them? Ja
Did you visit in Germany before Nein
Do you prefer a special city or town in Germany? no
Which motiv you have to come to Germany? I will start my bachelor in Austria this September so I need to learn German as soon and good as possible.
Do you have relations or friends in Germany / where Very close family friend in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
wishes: To find a firendly family who is also willing to accept my cat, soon.

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