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Welcome to the website of the Au-pair agency Aupair World-wide

Dear visitor,
with this internet project we try to offer the best service to you that an Au-pair agency can do.

You find every interesting piece of information concerning the topic Au-pair in the section "Information". If you search for a specific information you can utilize our site search.

With our partner agency - PME Family Service Frankfurt - families who are employed by businesses in our Reference List are given a subsidy or the employer pays for the entire cost.

Please take your time to read through our pages.

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Dear guest parents and au pairs,

Our agency Au Pair Worldwide was established in the year 2001.
Meanwhile, we have been very popular with our customers, so we have developed into one of the biggest agencies of Germany very shortly.
We see our success in our motto: “king is the customer”.
That means, our main focus is the individual service, that is not fixed on a paper. Of course, the treating of the official documents for the visa as well as the work permit are part of this service.
Also for possible difficulties with embassies and German authorities, we will try everything, which is in our power, to give a satisfactory help.
At the entries in our visitor's book, you will recognize that we make no empty words.
Just the fact of our office times, that are from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily, we stand out against the mass. Furthermore, a trademark of our success is the extremely indi-vidual advice and care. Also the generousness, to arrange for a new au pair free of charge if you should end the au pair relationship within the first three months, gives you the security to suffer no financial damage.

Now some information on our au pair applicants.
Mainly, we work together with licensed partner agencies whose co-operation was specifically built for it. Through contracts with our foreign au pair agencies, our appli-cants are tested directly as well as indirectly on their suitability. Of course, we main-tain also personal contacts to our partners through frequent visits.
Our agency has Russian and Spanish interpreters here in Germany which are very helpful with linguistic problems. This linguistic advantage is also very useful for build-ing up a new partnership of a foreign agency since misunderstandings can immedi-ately be cleared up.
As already stated before, we do not only work together with partner agencies but also with many our previous au pairs.
As in each other business, the verbal propaganda is the best, and therefore we have also very many applicants, who apply with us on recommendation of former au pairs.
The advantage of these applicants is that they know quite exact what you have to expect as an au pair. No one can tell better about something, than someone who has already made experiences himself/herself.
Many of our former au pairs therefore already keep small agencies in their native countries and work together exclusively with us.

There are still some things to say about the intercession-course of our au pair agency:
Before inquiring for an au pair with us, we first of all need your application with our family questionnaire. You can fill out this form either online or you can order this with us directly.
After receipt of the family questionnaire, we will try to reach you by telephone and will have a long and detailed conversation with you.
You will realize that we can empathize ourselves very quickly with your quite particu-lar situation and that we can give you competent and honest information about every-thing that concerns the whole theme “au pair”. The personal contact is most important for us, and we try to convey this also to you when looking for an au pair.
Our steady recommendation to our customers is to phone with the au pair applicant first.

This small introduction into our agency should make your decision more easily to be-come a contented customer with us.

If you are now derived from our short introduction, and you would like to get some more information on our au pair service, please feel free to find many further useful texts and leaflets in our very extensive homepage.
Under Information, you find the Intercession-course, Reception of an au pair, Authority Guide, Instructions of the Employment Office, FAQ Frequently Asked Questions, The first days with an Au Pair, Insurances, Photos of our Partner-Agencies, Photo of an Au Pair Card, Certificate of Au Pair Stay, Medical Certificate, Info on Applying for an Visa.

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